Hydraulic transients calculations on Komarnica HPP

1. Dušica Vuković, Mašinski fakultet u Crnoj Gori, Montenegro
2. Vidosava Vilotijević, Mašinski fakultet u Crnoj Gori, Montenegro
3. Uroš Karadžić, Mašinski fakultet u Crnoj Gori, Montenegro

This paper deals with hydraulic transients on hydropower plant Komarnica, whose construction was adopted from energy development strategy of Montenegro. Calculation of hydraulic transients is one of the most important parts during the design process of the hydro power plant. The cases of emergency shut-down of both and one unit alone are investigated as well as protection against undesirable pressure rise during these procesess. For all numerical calculations commercial software Simsen Hydro is used. Based of the obtained numerical results closing time of the Francis turbine wicket gates is chosen.

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Tematska oblast: Energetics and Thermal Engineering

Datum: 10.03.2017.

13th International Conference on Accomplishments in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

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